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3 Reasons Why Libraries Are The Best Place To Have A First Date

As a mother hearing the stories of my adult children’s choices for first dates, the awkwardness, the struggle for conversation, the overly expensive lunches and the decisive ‘break-it’ decision that comes after a terrible first date I am often struck by the difficulty of finding a good first date venue. And then I read an eBlast promoting Museums as the best place to have a first date and my competitive nature sparked up and I thought that Libraries were a much better venue to have a first date at than a Museum.

And yes Valentine’s Day is coming up so it is time to take your first date design to the next level and include libraries on your possible venue list.

#1: Libraries Spark Conversation

Libraries have a ton of events, makerspaces and exhibitions — all designed to start the conversation and keep it going.

Simply making something together in a library makerspace can create that connection and special first date memory. There is no need to think you have to be an art or history expert when viewing a library exhibition together either. Simply asking how the exhibition makes you feel or what questions does it make you ask is a great way to get the conversation going.

There are some amazing library buildings with great civic architecture and public art that can also initiate interest and conversation. Doing a tour of the library building, and googling the architect and artists together can also build a mental connection that can take that first date into the ‘make-it’ category to lead to that all important second date. These buildings also have some great Instagram photo opportunities that could also take that first date to a positive memory level.

#2: Libraries are Affordable

Most libraries now have an affordable cafe, beautiful meeting spaces and lots of free events. Learning something new together can also become the start of a deeper relationship.

Often Libraries have opportunities to play games, make stuff, or learn something new providing easy ways to interact together without those awkward silences and can take some of the pressure off those first date nerves. My closest public library has worm farming, author talks, tech trend talks, creativity sessions and offered in the early evenings or Saturday mornings — all great times for that first date.

Libraries also have a great reputation as a safe and non threatening spaces which is a great emotional atmosphere to start your first date on.

#3: Libraries & Intelligence go together & Intelligence is the new sexy

I am sure this is true but really cannot find the evidence except to say that being exposed to new ideas, writing and art can be inspiring, and brings a new level of interest and attention to each other in any budding relationship. And Libraries are ideal places to be inspired and connect to new ideas, learning and art.

So get planning for a Happy Valentines Day and I hope you can enjoy it at a beautiful, inspiring library near you.

Librarian, interested in libraries, digital disruption, startups, Australian politics

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