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Community Storytelling in Libraries

Facts Inform us but stories influence us

  1. How to Find Stories: Lara shared with us 5 universal story themes that speak to everyone. Belonging: finding a sense of belonging & community in your library. Friendship: finding that social connection, friend or love in the library. Overcoming Adversity: solving a problem, or meeting a challenge through the library. Learning: finding opportunity & skills or a job through the library. Journey: sharing a person’s journey — to the library, to the town, to their vocation — look deeper at some of your library members journeys for that surprising journey.
  2. How to Frame Your story: there is a difference to what want to say and what your audience wants to hear. Finding the common ground helps to frame your story & help it resonate with your audience rather than earnestly trying to share the library message.
Framing your community story for the library context — Framework by Lara McKinley



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