YPRL New Services during COVID-19

Measuring Library Impact during COVID-19

Internal Sharepoint for all news
Wellness Hub
Mixed Learning Offer
Yarra Plenty Regional Library Stay At Home Film Festival
YPRL Activity during 9 weeks of the Pandemic

´I just wanted to write to tell you how much my kids loved the family fun bundle that you put together!! We sat down and read almost all the books on the first day we got it, they were so excited! The books you picked out were a perfect fit for them and amazingly we hadn’t read any of them before! My 1 year old really loved his car books too! They enjoyed the activity sheets you put in as well! Thank you again for taking the time to put such a thoughtful pack together!!



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Jane Cowell

Jane Cowell

Librarian, interested in libraries, digital disruption, startups, Australian politics