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The Importance of Giving Time

In the Library industry everyone reports being busy and there is never a time when everything is finished. There is always another program to plan, another stressed community member to go that extra mile for, another book to shelve, another contract to negotiate and meeting to prepare for. So it is important that during that busy day you should give yourself some time every day.

  1. Give yourself time just for yourself: use it for exercise, a brisk walk, meditation or daydream space to de-stress, combat burnout and improve focus.

2. Giving away your time in regular volunteer work is another great action for your own well-being and self care. It can bring joy and the community you volunteer for is positively impacted by your effort. Volunteering for the GLAM industry is also a wonderful opportunity to make a difference outside of your daily work. It rejuvenates you and improves your happiness factor significantly. Investing in your industry networks in this way also builds a wonderful supportive network of colleagues who are available when you need them.

Volunteer opportunities : New Cardigans, Volunteer at a local industry conference, join a local Industry committee or not for profit Board in an area that you are passionate about.

Giving intentional time to spend with your family or loved ones has a number of important benefits as well. The well researched benefits tells us that this strengthens relationships, builds self esteem, creating memories that sustain you when you are away from loved ones, and reduces your own isolation, that can come about due to unrelieved stress.

3. Relationship time: Family dinners (without that smart phone), factor in time to actually talk on the telephone, plan a monthly get together or picnic.

Investing time to others is also an investment our own wellness and happiness. Better take my own advice and give my children a call!

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