The One Thing ….Return Yourself To The Library

Yarra Plenty Regional Library 2021–2025 Library Plan on a page — #ThisLibraryCan
YPRL programming framework — 10 Streams
  • Concerned about COVID (either hygiene, or health issues)
  • Many were happy using eResources
  • Were out of the routine of visiting a library
  • No longer had the same need to borrow items
  • Had issues with distance to the library
  • Were more likely to now access information through their own technology
  • Beautiful study or work spaces available
  • Tech Help and Access to digital tools
  • Focus on inclusive and safe library spaces
  • Digital services
  • Storytime and Events
  • Get that good book
  • Get social with each other in safe spaces
Return Yourself to The Library Marketing Brand



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Jane Cowell

Jane Cowell

Librarian, interested in libraries, digital disruption, startups, Australian politics